The Perfect Candidate – By Randall Denley

The Perfect Candidate is a novel about dirty politics and having to make decisions when left with unenviable choices.

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Poking people with sharp sticks until they become enraged, Will Hacker is happy as Ottawa’s newest talk radio host.

For Will, it’s a natural progression from his career as a pro hockey tough guy to radio.

It seems like a sweet deal until two of the city’s biggest developers approach him with something even better. All he has to do is run against Mayor Jimmy Burke. They don’t even care if he wins.

Hacker goes for it, but he doesn’t know his fake campaign will quickly become all too real.

3 reviews for The Perfect Candidate – By Randall Denley

  1. Anonymous

    A must Xmas gift to put under any political junkie’s Christmas tree.
    *This review taken from the Barrhaven Bulletin Board

  2. Gil Boyce

    I feel that your novels rival those of James Patterson and Randy Wayne White.

  3. Rosemary Taylor

    Thoroughly enjoyed. I put in 30 years at old city, region, new city. this book was so relatable in so many ways! Keep it up!

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