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Randall Denley - The Long Hurt

The Long Hurt

Ottawa tech titan Simon Cousens is missing, and so is $10 million that belongs to his ruthless business partner.

Redheaded beauty Alicia Jameson needs to find her new husband and the money in a hurry.

She asks Ottawa crime writer Kris Redner and her private investigator partner Jenna Martin for help, but Kris isn’t sure if she is a victim or the perpetrator.

For Kris, Alicia is trouble in high heels.

Kris and Jenna are soon drawn inescapably into the long hurt that brought Alicia to their door.

Randall Denley - Author and columnist

Randall Denley

Author and Columnist

Randall Denley

Ottawa novelist Randall Denley is the author of four mysteries.

The Long Hurt is the fourth in the Kris Redner series. It was preceded by Payback, which was nominated for the Crime Writers of Canada Best Crime Novel Set in Canada, Spiked and One Dead Sister.

Other books include the family drama The Situation and the political satire The Perfect Candidate.

Denley has been a political columnist for more than 25 years and writes regularly for the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen.