Payback – By Randall Denley

In the third book in the Kris Redner series, Kris finds herself deep in the Ottawa Valley and deep in trouble.

Two unexplained killings in an Ottawa Valley village force Ottawa journalist Kris Redner to confront her past and her darkest secret.

In the latest Kris Redner mystery, an astonishing revelation changes the Ottawa journalist’s life in a way she could never have imagined.

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Two grisly murders.  A decades-old secret.  A friendship tested by fear and revelation.

There is some serious Payback coming in the latest Kris Redner mystery.

When they were 16, Kris Redner and Tracey Lamb thought they’d be best friends forever, but one terrible incident shattered that dream, forcing Kris to flee the Ottawa Valley village of Madawaska Mills. Twenty-five years later, with the two unsolved killings haunting the village, Tracey pleads for the Ottawa crime writer’s help.

Kris can’t say no to her old friend. Even though she fears the truth will bubble up like swamp gas, to reveal her darkest secret.

1 review for Payback – By Randall Denley

  1. Stephanie Severs

    Awesome book! Received this as a gift. I just finished reading it – couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to reading the others now.

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