One Dead Sister – By Randall Denley

One dead sister is an intense mystery novel involving family, sorrow and a political twist that’s sure to keep you from putting it down.  Note:  Any similarities between this book and real-life persons and events is purely coincidental.

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For Ottawa Citizen columnist Kris Redner, her Adirondack hometown is a place of bad memories, buried deep in the past. Then she receives a videotape that brings the past into the present.

The videotape shows three hooded men torturing a woman.

When the victims turns to the camera for her final scream, Kris recognizes her sister Kathy, murdered nearly 30 years ago at the summer estate of Senator Lowell Osborne, who is now seeking the Republican presidential nomination.  When Kris returns home to dig for the truth, she discovers that she’s the last loose end in a story that the senator definitely doesn’t want told.

One Dead Sister pits Kris against one of the most powerful men in America and a town that considers her sister’s death old, bad news.

5 reviews for One Dead Sister – By Randall Denley

  1. Greg Leblanc

    One Dead Sister was so fast-paced it had me racing through the pages.

  2. Judy Ferguson

    Spiked and One Dead Sister are the best mystery novels I have ever read.

  3. Donata Leuenberger

    I have purchased your two books One Dead Sister and Spiked. These books are amazing. I could not put them down.

  4. Denise Desrosiers

    I purchased your book One Dead Sister this summer. I enjoyed your book so much I stayed up till 3 a.m., I just couldn’t put it down.

  5. John Lark

    An amazing and enjoyable mystery. Perfect for a summer afternoon.

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