Spiked – By Randall Denley

Spiked is a story about the secret world of espionage, murder and ruthless political double-dealing.

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For Ottawa Citizen crime columnist Kris Redner, the corruption trial of a disgraced former Conservative cabinet minister opens the door to a secret world of espionage and ruthless political double-dealing.

Who is the Chinese embassy employee who falls to her death from the roof of Kris’ apartment building?  How is the dead woman connected to what is being billed as the political trial of the century?  Is turncoat cabinet minister Luc Champagne the man who connects all the pieces of the puzzle?

Political pressure and national security concerns have tied the police’s hands.

It’s up to Kris to get to the bottom of an apparent homicide and uncover evidence that could prevent an innocent man from going to jail.

9 reviews for Spiked – By Randall Denley

  1. Rob Snow

    Just finished Randall Denley’s latest book. Spiked is a wild and twisted tale of murder, espionage and the seediest side of political ambition in Ottawa. Great fun. Highly recommend.

  2. Judy Ferguson

    Spiked and One Dead Sister are the best mystery novels I have ever read.

  3. Juliet O’Neill

    I really enjoyed Spiked

  4. Rick Gibbons Kanata

    Headed to the cottage, but not before heading to the bookstore to pick up Spiked. A great summer read lies ahead.

  5. Donata Leuenberger

    I have purchased your two books One Dead Sister and Spiked. These books are amazing. I could not put them down.

  6. Kathryn Hendrick

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the excerpt of Spiked in today’s Citizen. Have my copy and it is the next read on my list. Very intriguing and well-written.

  7. Josee Canuel

    Just finished Spiked. A very good read. Very realistic.

  8. Steve Rollwage

    I was both delighted and curious when my wife gave me a copy of Spiked for my birthday. Once I started reading, I become more and more delighted. I enjoyed the plot, your characters, the story flow and pace, and of course, the twist at the end.

  9. John Lark

    An amazing and enjoyable mystery. Perfect for a summer afternoon.

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